Lab Overview

David G. Beer, Ph.D.
The mission of the research of our laboratory is to determine the cellular and molecular events that are involved in the development and progression of human esophageal and lung cancer. By providing a greater understanding of the alterations that are associated with these diseases we gain new insights into methods to detect these cancers early as well as identify potentially new approaches to treat patients with these cancers. Our studies utilize tissues from patients who undergo surgical resection and provide consent to have their tissues used for research. These tissues as well as the cancer cell lines we have established from them serve as our model systems. We utilize the most modern and state of the art molecular technologies and approaches in our research on these diseases.  
The Thoracic Surgery Cancer Biology Laboratory is directed by David G. Beer, Ph.D., Professor of Surgery and Radiation Oncology. Faculty members and staff from the Section of Thoracic Surgery within the Department of Surgery are involved in research in the laboratory. Funding for this research is provided by grants from the National Cancer Institute (NCI), Department of Surgery Research Advisory Committee funds (RAC) as well as support made possible from generous research endowments from individuals that support cancer research. This research is performed in collaboration with Mark B. Orringer, M.D., Andrew Chang, M.D., Jules Lin, M.D. and Rishindra M. Reddy, M.D. our thoracic surgeons.